Saturday, September 10, 2005

Handout: Detecting Elements (ASP Handout #3)

I have uploaded the handout for Tuesday's class (link).

Professor Swift has been concentrating on developing your ability to detect the "essential elements" of a claim. I thought we could practice this skill by trying to draw the elements out of four very different statutes. I also included one very difficult challenge problem just to give you guys a puzzle.

The second part of the exercise is just more practice at reading the rules of civil procedure. This time, instead of outlining the rules, I have created a little charting exercise (you may have noticed I'm more of a visual learner - for you auditory and kinesthetic learners out there, I'll try and work on something for you too).

Lastly, I have uploaded a copy of a short essay (link) prepared by Professor Orin Kerr at George Washington Law School that he wrote for his 1Ls this year. It's meant as a friendly introduction to reading cases. I think you guys already know most of what's in the essay, but it does clarify and explain a lot of the what and why of the case method of legal education. Prof. Kerr also contributes to a weblog where he comments on both legal (criminal procedure and cyber-crimes) and non-legal (whatever he feels like) issues.


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