Saturday, September 10, 2005

Recommendation: The Legal Theory Lexicon

The Legal Theory Lexicon is a weblog comprised of weekly entries written by Prof. Lawrence Solum of the University of Illinois. The summaries are aimed at first-year students and are designed to clarify the words and theories that get bandied about in law school. Some of the entries are helpful for civil procedure, but the site could also help you with criminal law, constitutional law, torts, etc. If you have some free time, the background reading is really helpful (I found it also helped me pass some time in boring classes without the guilt of solitaire last year).

Prof. Solum also maintains the Legal Theory Blog, a clearinghouse of book recommendations, conference announcements, and, most valuable, working papers recently posted by law professors. A quick scan of the page will often bring you up to speed on where the frontiers of the law are. Enjoy!


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