Wednesday, October 05, 2005

For Your Information: Applying the Zubulake Standard

Judge Scheindlin's opinion applying the test is found at 216 F.R.D. 280 (use WestLaw or LEXIS).

The conclusion applies the findings of the factors to get 25 percent:

"The next question is how much of the cost should be shifted. It is beyond cavil that the precise allocation is a matter of judgment and fairness rather than a mathematical consequence of the seven factors discussed above. Nonetheless, the analysis of those factors does inform the exercise of discretion. Because the seven factor test requires that UBS pay the lion's share, the percentage assigned to Zubulake must be less than fifty percent. A share that is too costly may chill the rights of litigants to pursue meritorious claims. However, because the success of this search is somewhat speculative, any cost that fairly can be assigned to Zubulake is appropriate and ensures that UBS's expenses will not be unduly burdensome. A twenty-five percent assignment to Zubulake meets these goals."

Are you satisfied with this analysis?


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